Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Treat no.15; The Stargazer dress!

It's the weekend and I have a super special Holiday Treat for you! It's the pure silk Stargazer dress, one of my favorite dresses ever. Not only because of it's deep royal blue and anchor brass buttons, but also because it is so wide, luxurious and soft and this might sound cheesy but I feel romantic when I wear it under my Raphael coat. I wore the Stargazer dress in Paris a lot, it seemed the perfect place for it. Here I am at the Capsule trade show back in Oktober in Paris in my Stargazer. I put it on sale today from $326 to $269!
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This is the description I wrote about the Stargazer dress on the website:

…you walk along the Seine with the Stargazer trailing behind you in the wind. You stop and drink hot chocolate out of your "I Love Paris" mug while watching the grey sky reflected in the water..

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