Sunday, December 02, 2012

Holiday Treat no.2; The Lourdes Tunic!

Our Holiday Treat no.2; the Lourdes tunic is brought to you by Anna Tòmas who is a beautiful and talented journalist from Barcelona! I put the Lourdes tunic  on sale at 40% off (only today!) From $149 to $89!! This applies to both colors!
In Anna's words:
"Sometimes I feel I was born in other countries. It's kind of a dejà-vu that I express in articles and I find in books and songs. The Lourdes tunic is my favourite item to feel my Nordic side: snow, pumpkins all over the house, minimal furniture, my cat on the sofa and all day long to enjoy a brunch and then ride with an smile that can beat the cold. I wear it for work and for nightlife. Is so versatil! And also to walk all along my apartment, just to feel comfy and beautiful at the same time. Nina just created the tunic that belongs to my Danish wardrobe. I knew it was there."
photos by Xavi Larrull
Thank you Anna!!

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