Sunday, March 31, 2013

spring/ summer 2013 inspiration

Lately my collection insipirations have been harder to pinpoint. The collections just grow out of me in some way and I only see what it is all about when all the pieces hang together and being shot for the look book. These inspirations linger in my subconscious, waiting to make an appearance. Stored away dreams, teenage vacations, a song that played in that special instant, the way I felt that morning...etc. So as always I sent an abstract list of sentences and songs to my dear friend and text fairy Claire Oldman of Lola Is Beauty and she brought it all together into something that makes much more sense so here is the "Night Train To Cassis story" Spring/Summer 13

 Get on the night train to Cassis. You’re with your best friends and find a wonderful, very cheap, very French hotel overlooking the port. You sit at your little balcony table drinking wine and making super 8 movies and probably talking inappropriately about boys the whole time. You go to the same cafĂ© every morning to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes in the sun, even though you don’t smoke. In the evening, walking along wearing the Mari dress, you pass a beautiful garden and hear the sounds of a party that you and your friends ask to join and are welcomed to. After dancing and being flirted with too much until too late, it’s time to leave. A kind partygoer drives you back to your hotel, while you and your friends laugh in the back and sing at the moon. The feeling of Night Train to Cassis is innocence, pure fun, the color white in the sunlight, white houses in Greece, sun bleached towels, putting lemon in your friends’ hair to "bleach" it, never remembering to drink enough water. The fabrics are all light cotton and silk. Nina Egli designed the prints herself for the first time, making this collection feel even more personal and very close to her heart. The Phone print, the Boat print and the Crystal print are applied to white cotton separates: light, soft blouses worn with shorts in the same print or mixed, giving each outfit a dreamy, fun uniform feel. The Love patchwork is inspired by a patchwork the designer made as a child – it’s South of France meets lady of the canyon: dreamy, happy and definitely naughty. The Emily Bikini is skimpy but can still work as an outfit as you can wear the bra and the shorts out if you dare. It's a light, happy best friends collection and it’s a collection to fall in love to. Claire Oldman And here are some other things I was inspired by;
 photo tumblr_mhk4r8s15W1qdarnto1_500.jpg photo tumblr_mc56bc1jKL1qzjmo0o1_500.jpg photo tumblr_mbj3dbgrKV1qa1iiqo1_500.jpg photo tumblr_m3fjcbJsAU1qzqan7o1_500.jpg photo vogue1973_15.jpg photo tumblr_mfe0afRpSz1qm6qwdo1_500.jpg

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