Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Minnie meets Toshiko

 I so adore this blog post by Toshiko of It's Not Her It's Me wearing our Minnie dress! Toshiko also sent over some awesome questions for me to answer so here it is:
 photo 8942625036_cd6190ffe7_o.jpg
 photo 8939718458_3f51d545d7_o.jpg photo 8939093229_7c9deb10a3_o.jpg photo 8939091365_4595a360d4_o.jpg photo 8939097455_2586c1b773_o.jpg
 photo 8939091863_56c6532b0e_o.jpg photo 8939098887_6560b91b3f_o.jpg photo 8939094215_ce9307d3b8_o.jpg

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