Saturday, July 27, 2013

Midsummer Dream Treat no.3!!

I am really excited about this Midsummer Dream Treat; the Emily Bikini! It comes in 3 prints; telephone, boat and flower. Today the bikinis are 30% off! From $149 to $105! Or just the bra from $79 to $56! I have been wearing my Emily bikini all summer! On the beach and also just as a bra.
 photo c4203d7b-6fc9-46ef-9041-1cc0ec547b2e.jpg

 photo 7cdc67b8-e1fa-439e-a492-f4d5c1f7a741.jpg
 photo 3ce677a1-bd47-4189-b03b-0751c6ea12e7.jpg photo 
50bf3689-4652-4568-93f3-2e2a8cb298e0.jpg photo b63d2745-195f-41b9-a338-dc9bc1be6b43.jpg

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