Saturday, November 23, 2013

Warsaw Fashion Week

Pictures from the Warsaw showroom of Nina and Manuela featured on the blog Q Element

QE1 photo 545455.jpg
Nontraditional luxury in the Rue St. Vincent jacket and an AMAZING assortment of finger adornment.

QE2 photo 2132132.jpg

QE3 photo 22222222.jpg

Meet my friends Night SwimMamboLife on Mars and Faun

QE4 photo 223342342.jpg

Love train jacket

QE5 photo box_article_top_65f5b69d9e53c2fcafd42c0c7a810ebd.jpg

QE6 photo default_675e2f1fc95d364951e76f5d5e7cfd75.jpg

Manuela in Flowers

QE7 photo default_da2e8ed66b24aa0f721a0745d8efbb4e.jpg

Nina in Leopard

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