Sunday, December 01, 2013


Hello darlings, it's Holiday Treat Time once again! This is the 3rd. year we are doing it and as always I love creating a daily Holiday Treat in the form of a special sale on Family Affairs, Toujours Toi, Circe and now Family Affairs Home!
Check the blog and Facebook daily for the Holiday Treat reveal!

The first Holiday Treat is the Arbonville shirt on sale today at 40% off from $139 down to $90! Have fun xx
 photo B7EBD136-A054-4F57-9397-700942341B56-535-0000005FF7116A9F_zps35af72bc.jpg
 photo F787CF01-0C4D-4A45-A408-8EE54D33D493-535-0000005FFFC850F4_zps4fea05df.jpg

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