Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Treat no.15

Sorry loves, I was so busy with the Capsule market yesterday I forgot to add a Holiday Treat! So you are getting 2 today!
This one's a big one. I put our No.9 Dream quilt half off today! All the prints are drawn by me, it is hand screen printed and the top stitch is made by hand too. The quilt is super soft and cotton filled! You can put it in the wash without a problem. This might be the only time I put the quilt so low!
 photo Quilts_1_786.jpg
 photo 10221986-1D94-4C37-989E-64894273EEE7.jpg
 photo 40A9AD8E-CE65-47BB-AC86-82FF6C86F6C4.jpg

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