Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Treat no.24!! Double Rainbow!

Today is the final Holiday Treat! Thank you for coming on the ride with us, it was a lot of fun and I appreciate you all so much!

As the final treat I am putting 2! favorites at 50% off today! They are like bffs they want to hang out all the time, so I didn't want to tear them apart. It's the Mambo shirt and the Barbara skirt (named after one of my bffs)
Have you met Ashley? My super talented and cute friend with the best sense of humor and her amazing line It's Ok My Dear? Here's Ashley looking perfect in her newest outfit; the Mambo shirt and Barbara skirt!
Ok, now I am off wrapping presents and choosing an outfit to match the christmas tree. (I'll keep you posted)
Love, love and hugs to you, merry christmas!
 photo 947B7647-0139-4F6C-B0CC-E14CAC0F0CCF.jpg
With the Winged Heart necklace..
 photo 742D0E6C-B652-4258-9540-F22A7ED3774D.jpg photo 2EDE0116-C1A3-43BD-8E6C-11146CDCB2DF.jpg
 photo 34DE3513-843C-4039-9853-54EE3821EAB9.jpg

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