Saturday, December 07, 2013


The Rue St. Vincent coat is everyone's favorite magic cloak! It just makes you happy. And you know those insanely soft plush animals? That's how the Rue St. Vincent coat feels, like a perfect blanket and a chic little coat. I stopped by the amazing Deep End Club run by Tennessee Thomas yesterday and Tennessee told me somehow every guy that comes in tries it on..haha. She also told me that Alia Shawcat bought one of them which made me so happy because I am a huge Arrested Development fan! Anyway I put the magic coat on sale at 30% today, go get it girl! xx Family Affairs is sold at The Deep End Club 156 1st. Ave. NYC
 photo 95ACD5E6-6746-4201-8A10-95FF2E13B8A6.jpg photo E5750F23-B48A-4948-8A96-0A55D32855B9.jpg photo 35C4D581-9F7E-4B60-8C40-43658B6DBFFC.jpg

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