Thursday, March 13, 2014

Family Affairs Home Editorial by Heather Culp

Just in time for spring, Heather Culp (photography) and Jardine Hammond (styling) tell a beautiful story of a cabin they found in Topanga Canyon just outside Los Angeles
 photo HCulp-FA01_1728-1.jpg
Model in the Harry shirt stands in front of the Quilts
 photo HCulp-FA01_1295-1.jpg

Hollyhops plate on the no. 9 Dream quilt

 photo HCulp-FA01_1004.jpg
The Myth plate sitting on a kitchen towel
 photo HCulp-FA01_1043-1.jpg
Mati towel
 photo HCulp-FA01_1025.jpg
Arles towel
 photo HCulp-FA01_1221-1.jpg
no. 9 Dream quilt
 photo HCulp-FA01_1579-1.jpg
Emily bikinis in blue flower and boat prints
 photo HCulp-FA01_1757-1.jpg
Like a Virgin dress
 photo HCulp-FA01_1531-1.jpg
Boomerang dress
 photo HCulp-FA01_1137.jpg
Goldilocks pillow on the no. 9 Dream quilt

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