Thursday, April 10, 2014

Carmel At The Beach

When I was a Teen we visited Carmel on a family roadtrip. I loved it, and the moemories keep on inspiring me all these years later.

So I was extra happy to see that Toshiko of It's Not Her It's Me spent some beach time with the Fool For Love dress in Carmel!
 photo 13753482325_b926539a1f_o.jpg
 photo 13753481085_9045fe7c88_o.jpg photo 13753482555_0de1cc6bbe_o.jpg photo 13753485965_bdac7be23b_o.jpg photo 13753860834_afa68aed23_o.jpg photo 13753481915_7e114a89da_o.jpg photo 13753857124_2a14a7bbf2_o.jpg

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