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Family Affairs Muses part 6: Manuela

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Manuela, I love your style so much! Part Tank Girl movie and part fairy goddess.
If you would describe your style in movies which would it be?

A mix out of bits and pieces of different movies:

A bit school uniform style with collars from Wednesday in “Addams Family”
 photo Wednesday-Addams-addams-family-5682861-550-540.jpg
A bit of magic like in "I Dream Of Jeannie"
 photo i-dream-of-jeannie-bottle-inside-1.jpg
Some elegance and charm like Doris Day in “The Thrill Of It All”
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Plus added to it some layered kitsch sexiness ala “True Romance”
 photo true-romance-image-1.jpg
And some Mermaid Glitters like Hannah Daryl in “Splash”
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Some of the best fun I've ever had is playing different kind of charades with you. For example the "Trade show charades" and "animal charades". Do you have a new idea of charades for us?

Hahah Yes these were good times!!
Hmm the best charades with us are those ideas which we come up with in very spontaneous manner. For sure it has to include an elegant horse walk. (As you know one of my favorite animal imitation)
How about charades out of Wes Anderson movie character’s?

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I love and admire your animal activism and veganism. You are about to launch your own vegan lifestyle and fashion magazine  The Organic Fashion Utopia!
What was your first spark of wanting to become vegan?

My first spark to become a vegan after being a vegetarian is not a certain event it has more to do with that I got informed through movies and articles. I think to become vegan is a long journey and develops over time. You rarely become vegan over night.
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I watched movies that shocked me and read articles how egg or cheese productions are not at all an animal friendly procedure. One of those first movies I watched was “food, inc.”  which changed my view on it once and for all. So I decided to take out more and more of these animal products from my diet and became fully vegan.
I always had a big heart for animals. As a kid when we watched a movie where an animal got injured or even died, I would cry more then when a person got in danger.

Can you share an amazing vegan dessert?

OH YES! I love sweets!

It is right now one of my favorites in the vegan dessert paradise: It is a very easy recipe that covers lots of food characterization! (you know I love those : )
Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free, Sugar- Free, Oil-Free Banana Bread:
 photo IMG-20140524-WA005.jpg

2 tablespoon of flaxseed powder with 6 tablespoon water- mix it till its gooey and let it sit

squash 2 cups of overripe bananas (approximately 5 bananas)

2 Cups of gluten free flour with 1 teaspoon bakingpowder, ½ teaspoon baking soda, ½ teaspoon cinnamon, ½ teaspoon salt plus 2 tablespoon organic (raw) cacao powder

chop 1 cup of fresh dates and add to the flour mix 

add bananas and gooey flaxseed to the flour bowl and mix it all to a dough together with some crunched up walnuts
 photo IMG-20140524-WA009.jpg

put it into a cakeform and sprinkle some sesame seeds and coconut flakes on top
 photo IMG-20140524-WA007.jpg

put it into the preheated oven (150 C°/302F) for 50-60 min.

ENJOY (ps: the best is to eat a slice with some gelatin free homemade strawberry marmalade on top…HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!)

What is your favorite Family Affairs piece and why?

This is very difficult since I love them all!!!!! OH YES I DO!

They all have a specific story to me.
For example the “Crystal Spaceship” dress was my first purchase from Family Affairs and I did not know you very well then but you made a picture of me when I bought it and put it onto your blog with the title “ANGELS”. It will definitely always stay special to me.
 photo 409435_266707166717284_1803008531_n.jpg
But right now I love the Rue St. Vincent Coat soooo much. It is pink, it is fluffy and it makes me feel like a happy Unicorn on every single day I wear it.
 photo IMG-20140524-WA001.jpg photo IMG-20140524-WA000.jpg
I feel like I am the pink cloud in-between all the others and make people happy just by them looking at me

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