Friday, May 09, 2014

Nina's Wanderings; Treasures and Trips part 3

 photo nina_wanderings.jpg
This is one of my favorite inspiration books; a thrift find. Featuring crafy things to do such as patchwork sweaters for guys or makrame planters etc. It makes me want to go on a total craft bender.  photo 21763A44-773E-49A1-B739-A34E23F98485.jpg photo 976D3AE9-262E-4FDD-B18B-0BC03A6252C3.jpg photo FC752744-E87A-4712-BEE4-8B4A6A35FF08.jpg photo 86586431-B4FC-4874-B39E-24D2270662C2.jpg photo 67D941FA-EE6E-4D1C-8152-23722FDC8802.jpg

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