Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Legends is in the mood for picnics..

Katie of Skunkboy blog wearing her Legends dress and spreading happiness! to
 photo 14065127539_bf4999dba1_b.jpg photo 14228790526_bc82d28d52_b.jpg photo 14248471861_96a7f299de_z.jpg photo 14065192407_b3ee760aa8_z.jpg photo 14251776485_f8814316d1_b.jpg photo 14065170320_8dbf7f2d70_z.jpg

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Thistle Jones said...

I love that dress, but especially how it was styled with the blue shoe and red belt. It's such a fresh look and a little different from the mass of clone-copy maxi skirts/dresses that I've been seeing around (yeesh).