Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Moooooonriver in Connecticut

I spent a beautiful and relaxing day in Connecticut where my darling friend Susan had her wedding picnic, it was a super happy reunion!
I wore the Moonriver dress for the occasion. The Moonriver is part of our super sale by the way; add YOUMOVEME for an additional 30% off.
 photo C288EF0A-2899-4CDD-ABAF-12FB92F468A3.jpg photo 6A59868E-A97A-44B6-8739-16A2FBA9EC81.jpg photo 0E5FD288-3F25-485D-991A-26509E193218.jpg photo B2A82E69-6EE9-4D56-9BFD-0FC00D769D43.jpg

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