Sunday, August 03, 2014

Legends in Ireland!

I LOVE these romantic images of Rebecca of The Clothes Horse in Ireland wearing the Legends dress! Ah I would love to lay in front of a fire place in a cottage like this!
 photo cottage-7_zps0718ce90.jpg photo cottage-5_zps0e2aa2c1.jpg photo cottage-8_zpse53b2d61.jpg photo cottage-15_zpsf6f7d10b.jpg photo cottage-12_zps68272d39.jpg photo cottage-11_zpse20833d6.jpg photo cottage-8_zpse53b2d61.jpg
 photo cottage-29_zpsd3277002.jpg photo cottage-28_zpsf1154707.jpg photo cottage-9_zps473f20c5.jpg photo cottage-6_zpsa57a671f.jpg

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