Friday, February 06, 2015

The Road to Valentines: I Only Have Eyes For You

For Valentines Day, it's fair to say that jewelry is what really matters on the shopping front, and we have a great selection of jewelry for this time of year (and any other time of year). If you love to adorn yourself in hearts, we have a lot of that, or something more subtle and not so valentine-sy but still beautiful and delicate, we have a lot of that as well.

Here's one of our favourite necklaces: Bambi Strikes Back You really can't go wrong with this as a gift (is there anyone who doesn't love Bambi?) This is a great gift whether you want to treat yourself, or give something sweet to someone else. Especially if you're still recovering from the January sales, then this budget friendly option has Valentines Day covered.

 photo E9FE3921-FF00-44FE-93F4-6C12ABAC56F7.jpg

The third song for a Road to Valentine's playlist is The Flamingo's I Only Have Eyes For You


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