Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ti Amo is here!

I am really excited to present our new collection to you! It's one of my personal favorites and I can't wait for REAL SPRING!

"Ti Amo" is inspired by eating peaches in the hammock, falling in love like a teenager, huge agave plants in Elba, white heat on the autostrada, being the first person at the bakery and grandma's white sheets in the Mediterranean sun."

The Best Day dress
 photo toujour_family_affairs_amber_mahoney_002.jpg
 photo best_day_fruit.jpg photo toujours_family_affairs_amber_byrne_mahoney_008.jpgThe Crimson and Clover silk dress photo toujours_family_affairs_amber_byrne_mahoney_012-1.jpg photo crimson_clover_pink.jpgThe Marinaro dress photo marinaro_icecream.jpgThe Marvin dress photo marvin_small.jpg photo toujours_family_affairs_amber_byrne_mahoney_021.jpgThe Frenchie top photo stromboli_blue_detail.jpg
Photography: Amber Byrne Mahoney
Model: Tara Violet Niami
Make Up: Allison Perlstein
Hair: Rubi Jones
Styling: Nina Egli

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