Thursday, May 14, 2015

Myrtle Ti Amo party!

We had a lovely event at Myrtle in LA a week ago! Thank you so much for stepping by and shopping some Ti Amo pieces, ladies!

Whitney is wearing the Marinaro dress and I'm wearing the Best Day dress  photo 91C1C8A2-7FC2-4EAB-AA3A-C95EEB80127C.jpg
 photo F024D45C-5CEA-47D6-9AC9-3CB39EE3459E.jpg
The Crimson and Clover dress and Best Day dress
 photo 514986A6-1BBB-44C5-81E2-E0DB282585AE.jpg photo EDB797F7-DB90-4CF9-A310-A2E23A4424BE.jpg
 photo d21c2aa3-67f8-43ba-980e-2cc96b2728d5.png
Hava came in wearing her Legends dress! It was lovely to meet you Hava!
 photo 4858DE7E-A853-40A3-8DF5-136EA3D1D5AE.jpg photo B76120B2-11FA-49E1-8A53-5BA4D6A2CB2E.jpg
 photo 103be3f6-03f8-47a6-af24-db50bff87d98.png
Asley in the Best Day dress!
 photo 08F71B62-86BB-4151-AF11-95685733CB24.jpg
Kelsey wearing her new Frenchie top and Whitney wearing the Marvin dress
 photo 8A1BA7E8-EDCE-4715-9265-2E830AC0DD3A.jpg

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Charmaine said...

Oh my, so in love with your latest collection. Especially the orange ice cream print! Too bad the Canadian dollar is down against the US dollar right now, or I'd be all over some of these pieces.