Thursday, July 16, 2015

Midsummer Dream Treat no.3- The Frangipani kimono!

We adore the beautiful Anna Tomas, a journalist and fashion teacher from Barcelona who is presenting our Midsummer Dream Treat no.3 today- the Frangipani kimono at 50% off with code midsummerdreamtreat3 ! Credit Conzalo Bea
 photo 4081E234-0AD6-4909-8676-935A98B8007D_1.jpg
 photo A581AB7D-888A-4CCE-9252-B41AA051A9EA_1.jpg photo B2B0109C-37C5-4B93-8C42-40C2F8E8DF5A_1.jpg photo 6AB6684F-01E1-4B9A-9DAC-382CFF043307.jpg photo 64334FF6-FF58-4D64-BFA5-43490822BCED.jpg

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