Friday, July 24, 2015

Midsummer Dream Treat no.10- the Best Day dress with Keiko!

Today is the best day! Not only is it Friday, but today you can get our favorite Best Day dress 50% off! Use the code "midsummertreatkeiko" at checkout to apply today's discount treat. This is extra special because the Best Day dress is from our newest collection. Theres isn't a better way to show you how lovely this dress is than with blogger Keiko Lynn wearing it :) She is absolutely a summer beauty. Get this fun, fruity pick today!
 photo family affairs best day dress keiko lynn2.jpg
 photo BCDAA3EF-2804-4560-A6C5-065DF5E20BE4.jpg
 photo E30E13BC-5919-4AA4-86AA-D1857EBF1550.jpg
 photo F1CE28E7-8457-4C75-9FF0-4A0B266CCE4F.jpg

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