Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A Summer Picnic

Our beautiful friend/blogger/stylist LaTonya looks like a fresh summer peach in our spring collection! We had so much fun playing with fruit and feeling summer vibes with photographer, Hannah, who took these gorgeous photos.

We spent the day exploring Brooklyn, getting inspiration for our summer plans. Having a picnic like this every day would make for a perfect summer break. Spend the hottest months of the year eating sweet fruits, painting in your bedroom, letting all of the natural light in through the window. Go on a bike ride to the beach and share treats with people you love. Enjoy these weeks in the heat, soaking in all of the sun and fun you can!

LaTonya wears the Crimson and Clover Ice Cream dress, Crimson and Clover Stripe dress, Frangipani Kimono, Best Day dress, the Marvin Stripe dress, the Elba Kimono, the Clyde dress, and the Odile dress in Love Print.

The Spring collection is now on sale 30-50% off, so browse our site to get your favorite summer pick!

 photo Latonya_bestday.jpg photo L_fruit2.jpg
 photo latonya_marvin_detail.jpg photo L_7.jpg photo latonya_icecream_crimson.jpg photo L_16.jpg photo Latonya_crimson.jpg photo L_3.jpg photo L_4.jpg photo L_1.jpg

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