Saturday, September 12, 2015

Roma mon Amour

Oh Rome! I had a great, little trip to Rome in August, a city full of angels, bridges and crazy good coffee, pizza and shoes! So romantic and dramatic.
 photo IMG_7383.jpg
I am wearing the Frenchie top and Jenny shorts.
 photo 010EA886-3127-462B-BBB0-65128A36D878.jpg
 photo IMG_7382.jpg
No biggie, just standing on 3000 years old marble! With my Fantasy skirt and my love.
 photo A10135B6-A832-43CF-B9D5-CF1CD203EA03.jpg photo IMG_7403.jpg photo 6E757B6A-06EC-4CA7-92C7-45B7C756071A.jpg
 photo D944C176-6030-4F3E-99A2-20E5D46C7FFF.jpg
 photo FFB8CE41-0385-493F-86A0-139C40E238AC.jpg photo 693B6EF7-7FBF-40E7-B5D2-86FFC58DC22C.jpg photo 04FD75B3-0B03-4038-8DDE-599042E3F275.jpg
 photo 78759D79-A3F2-4262-BAFE-E703323FC778.jpg

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