Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Home Sale!

With this cooler weather, we're starting to get in the mood to lay in bed all day with a hot mug of tea, relaxing in our coziest quilt. As a special treat, we're offering 50% off all houseware items with the code "getinbed". The No. 9 Dream quilt is nearly sold out, so get yours soon! We still have our cozy pillows too, and you can have your own little dreamy pillow with Nina's original prints. Photos by Heather Culp and styled by Jardine Hammond
 photo HCulp-FA01_1728-1.jpg
 photo HCulp-FA01_1295-1.jpg photo HCulp-FA01_1043-1.jpg photo HCulp-FA01_1025.jpg
 photo HCulp-FA01_1221-1.jpg photo HCulp-FA01_1137.jpg

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