Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Treat no. 11- The Fairy Lantern dress!

Katie of Skunkboy blog is presenting Holiday Treat no.11 and she looks like a 30ies princess in the Fairy Lantern dress! Love the nude figure-skatery top underneath the Fairy Lantern dress. Such a great dress for your holidays parties, for digging into unwrapping presents under the christmas tree or drinking champagne on a snowy rooftop with your best friends!
Get the Fairy Lantern at 50% off until the end of this week with code fairytreat
 photo fairy dress 1_1.jpg
 photo fairy dress 6 1500px.jpg photo fairy dress 4.jpg  photo fairy dress 3 2000px_1.jpg  photo fairy dress 5 2000px_1.jpg

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