Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Deep End Club Gal Pals

Sometimes you just need a night out with your best pals to rejuvenate your soul and boost your creativity! We love having sample sales at the Deep End Club to chat with our friends and try on clothes, in real life. Some highlights from the night include: Tennessee in the Lily of the Valley Dress, Meghan in the Verbena Dress, Erika in the Tenenbaum Dress, and Andrea in the Best Day Dress! Lots of love to you and all of our customers, we get so excited to see you in person xo
 photo 177059C4-D472-4B6E-B5A1-A0F718C1EF7F.jpg
 photo 3320C814-1E08-4414-9BA1-BD68CD064166.jpg
 photo F3DCB909-E6B3-4DDA-85CD-CB815B4347BB_1.jpg
 photo 05DC07CD-A288-406B-B244-46F5BDBD4805.jpg

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