Sunday, March 16, 2008

Press Showroom in Zurich

We showed the fall 08 to special friends and press at the "Partrerre" showroom which is conviniently loacted in the appt. I live at when I am in Zurich and which Nadja and Kathrin garciously lent to me for the occasion. mille grazie!
so this event was to introduce my fine jewlery line Circe and clothing line Family Affairs which will be launched this fall!

My mum Kaya was present too, we did the new clothing line together and I am really proud of her. we went through quite an adventure to get it done!

It started out as a total Family Affairs and it was really good to celebrate the new collections with loved ones.

Julie, cutie Max and Carmela

Marion Zund, Tina Birbaum and Max!

Marion was a real gem once again, helping out and just making everything better

my family

Martina Russi from Style, Marion and me. I seem to be really bad at pouring champagne, look at all the foam in Martina's glass!

Silvia Binggeli from Annabelle and the Truffel cake...I love this pic!

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