Monday, May 12, 2008


This is my amazing mum Kaya with the necklace I gave her last mother's day. I can never say thank you enough to my mum! she is my inspiration and I am happy we are collaborating on Family Affairs
my mum always encouraged our creativity, as she says she created creative monsters. all we ever wanted to do is cut and glue and paint for days. my favorite was when she would draw stuff for us. it was always so PERFECT. Once she created this hotel all on paper. and that was our favorite play thing.

This was in Jaipur, pretty much the only luxurious moment we had! after weeks of working nonstop we went to Rambagh Palace, this 6!!star hotel and former maharaja residence for tea and sandwiches! it cost like 20 times as much as a normal indian meal but it was worth it. my mum was exstatic to find a Vogue! I did not even try to wrestle it away from here, so I just stared into space.

kisses to all mothers!

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