Monday, June 22, 2009

When we arrived in Tokyo

Where to start back-blogging? first day of Tokyo perhaps..after a 16 hours trip from Zurich to Tokyo while on the bus I wondered if I am completely insane (probably) to come to Tokyo for only three days. I was so deliriously sleepy by then I left my straw hat on the bus. It was later promptly returned to Mitsuru's office. Anyhoo, no thinking of sleep yet! Our rep and distributor Mitsuru- who really is a Jack of all trades and who was the most amazing host to us- picked us up and on we went for our first Tokyo adventure day.Our love story with Tokyo's vending machines started right away in sleepystate: Eva is wearing the All You Need is Love necklace and me wearing the Garance dress

The Garance dress on the streets of Tokyo and pretty drawings on the blackboard of a wonderful macrobiotic restaurant where we had lunch.

The famous Angel heart Crepes in Harajuku. This was right before we entered a huge 100 yen shop and I almost lost control wanting to buy everything from socks to paper clips.

Eva entered Kiddie Land like it was paradise.

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Anonymous said...

ach wie lange ich schon nach tokyo will. eine schöne zeit euch.