Wednesday, December 02, 2009


You know how some things (a lot of things) take much longer than planned and when they are finished you are shocked?! That's how I feel about our new Toujours Toi website! I am so excited about it. Not only are my latest 2 new collections finally online; "White Magic" and "Follow Me There". But I can also add and remove pieces or put them on sale because Eni created it all so geniously. We are still tweaking it (and moving to another host) so please let me know if there is something you see that could be bettered.

We did the photoshoot at the legendary Villa Pathumba park in Zurich on a hot day in May!

If it wasn't to this Team Awesome none of this would exist.HUGE THANKS!! the official credits:
Web design Jenny Tran
Web development Enrique Erne

photography: Philipp Mueller
make-up Nicola: @Style Council

hair: Tanya @b4agency
model Anita: @fotogen

styling assistant: Eva Bühler
styling: Nina Egli

special thanks to: Beat Krenger for lending me amazing shoes and frocks!! Grün Stadt Zürich for allowing us to shoot at very short notice at Villa Pathumba

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