Friday, February 19, 2010

Hey cuties thanks for stopping by!

So many cute people came to the presentation, but I hardly met any because I don't even know what I was doing? Walking around tensly hoping that things wouldn't fall apart. Luckily Joshua Simpson took pics for us that night.
Love these guys!

Dream Teaming it! Jen Patryn who styled the show with her assistant Molly and their friend.

Stella being interviewed by SF1

Maya from Turned Out one of my favorite blogs! With Molly!

Oli Stumm and friend. Thanks so much for the aftershow drinks at Select Oli!

My mum flew in for three days! Alice and my mum matched in outfits. So cute!

Nami taking pics

Gabriel Urist is such a great jewlery designer!

Aurora from

Beautiful Alina with her Sunset necklace!


Zola and Sandy!

More pictures here


latacones said...

Cool party and cool people! Following you will be a pleasure! Besos!

nina said...

hi! Nice to meet you! xx