Tuesday, February 23, 2010

powdered shampoo

I just watched Shampoo for the first time, the story isn't all that but it's a real eyecandy (Hal Ashby!)! The colors, the outfits, the interiors, the music; so inspiring.
I don't particularly care for Warren Beaty and it didn't help that he was the ultimate douchelord in this film. But I love Goldie Hawn and she was the cutest with her skimpy little dresses.

leather thigh high boots!

grey porcelain!

sexy tennis

what a great little coat!

the hippie party:

Here my two faves from the soundtrack; It Might As Well Rain Until September Carole King
and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds; one of the most genius music videos ever made. How can you top that?


Every Little Counts said...

first of all, i love the term "douchelord"- i think i may have to steal that;) and second- isn't goldie hawn the cutest woman ever? she owns cute and can rock a mini skirt like nobody's business. love her!

nina said...

go right ahead with the "douchelord"!
I love goldie and there is no one like her, she's silly and sexy and dorky and smart.xx