Thursday, October 07, 2010

hip to be square

I trecked to the Brocki yesterday (Swiss salvation army) which always is calling to me like a Siren Song..Going there I missed Stella even more than usual. Usually we go together and have too much fun looking at Grandma shoes etc. I have way too many things to catch up on but I just "had" to go and I found some amazing things like Biba-esque golden ball lamps and these crazy things. What is the theme here? Squares. I always see the theme after I unpack shopping.
AMAZING cases for jewlery display in all colors of heavenly satin:
A perfect dirty lilac briefcase, it looks more grey in the photo but it's liliac:
A nutty ceramic tile with a far our mushroom and UFO, drawn by a gifted child probably:
A cat with playing cards and taunting mouse oil painting by another gifted child. This painting is amazing. The patterns, the theme, the colors:


A. said...

Love your blog! Which Brocki did you go to ?

July Stars said...

That cat painting is insane! I love it ... You're lucky to be in Switzerland at the moment. I go three times a year for work and to see friends. I always have the most incredible and relaxing time. I spend a lot of time in Geneva but one of my best friends is from Lucerne. Bisous

nina said...

@A. I went to Brockiland! Love it there, even it is also always a bit disturbing
@july Stars next time you come, let's meet up and go thrifting! Oh and I am coming to London next wed! xx