Thursday, October 07, 2010

Visitors at Capsule Paris

Paris was just such a much needed fun time! Yes we did work 10 hours a day at Capsule but we had some lovely visitors and I also loved meeting some wonderful designers at Capsule! I really didn't take enough photos at all.

So here are: Claire from Lola Is Beauty, Cheri from Scout Holiday ( I met both Claire and Cheri for the first time! they have been my blog friends for a long time! Both so wonderful!) Philipp Mueller our photographer and Tanya Koch our hair artist. Claire is wearing the Homeward dress!
Laurence from the beautiful store Vestibule (Zurich) and moi in our prep-geek-cardi get up. I LOVE red with beige.. I'm wearing the Dream Day skirt and Moonlight blouse.


If Jane said...

oh i love claire in that dress...actually i adore that dress!!

nina said...

Hi!! It looks soo good on Claire! Are you all Frenched out and back home?