Saturday, October 09, 2010

Paris by Lola Is Beauty!

I have a knack for breaking my cameras, so I have been taking only phone pictures for months. So for Paris my dad lent me his camera but didn't give me the USB cable and then left for Jordania. It's true. It's also not a big problem but that is the reason I haven't been able to download my "sharper" Paris images, amongst other things of our epic dinner! So I am really happy that Claire of Lola Is Beauty put some amazing photos up on her blog! She describes the Paris time so well, go and read it here
My beautiful friend (and Family Affairs campaign make-up artist) Nicola with her brilliant hair do and beauty tattoos:
Ok, you might think I only ever wear one outfit since Moon River launched and you might be right. I am just so happy to wear seafoam green. Now I moved on to wearing the Homeward dress everyday. Wearing once again the Moonlight blouse and Day Dream skirt
Mitsuru holding THE GRATIN
I can't even start on the Creme Brulee!
Me clutching the water Carafe (the herring made me very thirsty) Featuring the Circe Mushroom and Berry ring, The Gatekeeper ring and Aphrodite ring.


Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

Haaa! I love your photo commentary! xx

If Jane said...

heheheh so great!!! ;)) too bad we didn't get a picture of jerry!!! ;))

kelsea said...

your rings are incredible. i love this post.

nina said...

@If Jane; There MUST be a photo somewhere of Jerry! Maybe Eva has one...
@Kelsea Oh thank you!xx

bravegrrl said...

love your outfit... i'd wear it everyday ;)

nina said...

@bravegrrl haha thanks!

Brin de fantaisie said...

Love your rings ! Where does the snake ring come from ?

nina said...

one of the snake rings is vintage and the other is by my silver jewelry line Circe