Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Treat no.18 With Madmoiselle Robot!

I am really excited about this Holiday Treat!
The mushroom and berry ring is very loved and I finally got it back in stock! The very special presenter of the Holiday Treat no.18: Mushroom and Berry ring is one of my favorite bloggers the beautiful Mademoiselle Robot! Only today the Mushroom and Berry ring is 50% off from $190 to $95 on Boticca! Go get it darlings!
This is what Mlle. Robot says about the Mushroom and Berry ring:

"the mushroom & berry ring is my favourite from the Circé collection. I've coveted it for months before I finally got my hands (well fingers) on it (in it) and now I can't live without it!
I wear it everyday, just like I do my engagement ring."

It is also Mlle. Robot's birthday! Let's send her lot's of Love and hugs!

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