Friday, August 31, 2012

Bye Bye Manuela!

Manuela was my amazing summer intern/muse/blog updater/ and many other things! You probably noticed that she left, because the blog got all quiet again! I will try hard to blog more! We are going to miss Manuela a LOT! Thank you for everything Manuela, you made a great impact in this super busy summer! Here we are on Monday before she had to leave for the airport! We had a super long day on Sunday shooting our spring/summer 13 lookbook so I was wearing my pajama top plus the linen Cassis shorts.
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manuela said...

Oooh my I did not see that before!! Thank you sooo much!! It was great for me as well! I wish to come back soon!!! The best brand ever and the lovely designer behind who got a dear friend for me!! Thank you For everything