Saturday, May 11, 2013

Frizzy Frieze

I love when Frieze rolls around in NY because it means some of my darling friends will be in town!
I got to go to the Frieze preview on Thursday and as always I loved being oversaturated with art and being able to eat at Mission Chinese (art makes me really hungry). So here are some of my highlights;
My girls! Marina and Karolina of Karma International gallery at their boot with the Tobias Madison installation. Super proud of them! I am wearing the Odile dress.
 photo 8B4B688C-99FF-40F0-B3BF-96B4D7529143-269-0000001A109CEC45.jpg
First dinner outside this year!  photo 1679928F-674F-4660-94B8-A6F814657596-269-0000001A25A6E96A.jpg Eva Rothschild at Stuart Shave gallery  photo BCCBFDEC-A522-4947-9E2F-4F7E031FE2DB-269-0000001A2FD4ABD8.jpg At Standard gallery, Oslo  photo 41F82680-1159-4039-AB6D-E08744E03178-269-0000001ACA4A0B25.jpg Chris Johanson at Nicolai Wallner  photo 01767BED-A4A1-4949-AED5-428D135B39A4-320-0000002097F28337.jpg Croy Nielson gallery  photo 0F0CCCFB-993B-4F3B-8FD9-D7DD7E8EC69F-320-00000020B0CAB586.jpg

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