Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thank You!

Friday was my illustration day. I had a few illustration projects lined up and didn't stop for 5 hours. Time really flies when I get to draw. I love it so much.
I made a new Toujours Toi thank you card.
 photo 7A985B7B-A669-45C5-83B0-BADC9F4A8E02-269-00000019FAB0EAB6.jpg
And a Family Affairs Thank You! card.
 photo D6FB7C66-1920-4CDD-970F-1FCE894F7686-269-0000001A048637E0.jpg
So when you place an online order we will add one of these little cards to your order ;)
And also; THANK YOU to all of you amazing people out there who like what I do, I appreciate it more than you could imagine!

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