Sunday, April 20, 2014

The actual Easter outfit

Today is a picture perfect Easter day in the Northfork and the Zopf and eggs turned out well and we had a lovely, Swiss style brunch. I hope you ar enjoying a colorful and happy day too!

My final Easter outfit is the Baguette shirt with the Cindy skirt
 photo C542BA66-01F9-4D29-B467-73A48620B1E5.jpg photo 27736759-9D49-4EF3-AF28-B586877AF183.jpg photo 09954602-A0A8-458C-8257-6278B8C11FC8.jpg
Easter bunny spotting in the garden!
 photo 3A593CDE-FE96-4367-8049-976A0705850D.jpg
I dyed them with a nylon stocking, leaves and various dyes :)
 photo 7A911B11-4CFA-49B1-9346-8BCF99E286C5.jpg

 photo 00A523C2-F3AB-42B8-8063-C0DF6C617B61.jpg

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