Monday, May 12, 2014

Peaches in the Garden

I am in LA! I haven't been in LA in a very long time and it's soo nice to see spend time with Jamiles one of my dearest friends in the world. Check out Jamila's new yoga mats- they are so amazing!
I am also here for the Coconut Vision LA launch at The Loved One! I am so excited for it and I hope to see you there! This Thursday from 6-9pm! Yay!

Yesterday we spent some time (and me getting sunburned) on Jamila and Jai Gopal's Garden plot! We harvested some beautiful vegetables and had it for dinner, yumm! I wore the Peaches dress :)
 photo 0CAD81BF-F7EB-4C9F-A28B-A5A2C3EE82A1.jpg photo C9C42FEE-EBEE-4762-9E13-90BB27593D2A.jpg

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